TDG Speed Adjustable Conveyor Belt Scale

TDG Speed Adjustable Conveyor Belt Scale
TDG Speed Adjustable Conveyor Belt Scale
Belt Scale Introduction:
TDG series is a high-tech product integrating transportation, feeding, weighing and quantitative control for an organic whole. On the base of absorbing Germany advanced technology, our company has developed a new type of weigher. And its special design make it work normally under the bad environment, and it is mainly suitable for weighing and quantitative conveying of various bulk, granular, solid materials or powders during the procession of dynamically transportation. Besides, it is widely applied in many industries, like cement plant, electricity, metallurgy, chemical, food and feed, etc. Moreover, it adopts dynamic constant weighing methods, frequency conversion control, belt automatic tension device, anti-deviation device, and site controlling switch. And it has benefits of high measuring precision, steady operation and high reliability, is the ideal measurement to realize the auto-control and stabilize product quality.

Features and Benefits:
1. Steel structure, strong intensity, good performance, and is suitable for the designation of the various non-standard scales.
2. Directly-connected integral reducer, introduce the foreign advanced technology, low noise, little vibration, anti-dust, long service life, high reliability, and directly connected with main roller, convenient installation, test and maintenance.
3. Ring belt without joints, according to different processes choose different structure: parallel belt, baffle structure, skirts belt.
4. Special design of anti-deviation device and a adjustable tension roller.
5. Adopt direct weighing structure with Dual-sensor, successfully solve the inaccuracy, and increase the measuring precision greatly.
6. Adopt data acquisition module, increase the effective resolution ratio above 1 million, and the speed reach 50 times per second.
Main Technical Parameters:
Belt width(mm) Reducer spec.(50.65) Belt linear speed (m/s) Load sensor (kg) Transducer rated rotary speed (Hz) Output (t/h) Reference of output(t/h)
500 65-923-1.1K 0.0082 50 50 0.1-1.0 0.2-0.8
650 65-619-1.1K 0.0254 50 50 0.4-4.0 0.65-3.2
800 65-253-1.5K 0.0621 100 50 4.0-16 10-32
1000 65-91-1.5K 0.1723 100 50 10-100 40-80
1200 65-59-1.5K 0.2661 200 50 16-160 80-120
1400 65-52-1.5K 0.3017 200 50 20-200 100-160
1600 65-44-2.2K 0.3565 200 50 35-350 150-300
1800 65-36-2.2K 0.4358 300 50 50-440 200-400
2000 65-28-2.2K 0.5603 300 50 100-600 300-600

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