Weight Drop Scale

Weight Drop Scale
Weight Drop Scale
High accuracy weight drop scale 
Continuous batching material for cement, coal powder, all kinds of powder, bulk material and various kinds of granular powder materials, including the small flow batching, it’s also available for liquid continuous batching.
Application industry / Technical feature
Continuous batching for stabilized soil and concrete of the cement concrete mixing station
Dinas and sands random batching by forklift
Quantitative feeding control of sintering
Quantitative feeding control of coal powder
All kinds of liquid batching
Suitable for all kinds of material batching control of weight drop
Accuracy: System weighing, accuracy control less than0.5%
System operation
Batching control by controller panel
Upper computer control material batching, material discharge rate and material flow rate.
Indicator display cumulant, instaneous value and output values.
Indicator display cumulative values of white and night shift, 2 years cumulant
Indicator display more than 20 kinds of work status and indicates error status.
Manual or automatic control function
Indicator output PID control signal and instantaneous flow current signal
Communication interface RS485
Work principle
The indicator of weight drop scale adjust the discharging screw machine according to velocity of the weight loss.
Indicator adjust the rotate speed of screw machine according to velocity of the weight loss, fixed quantitative discharging screw quickly start fast feeding device when the weight of weighing material is less than weighing lower limit, it will stop when it reach the weighing limit on time.
controlling discharge screw machine speed according to the material weight reduction rate in weighing hopper, in order to achieve the purpose of quantitative feeding, therefore it calls weight drop scale.
When the material in weighing hopper reached the lower limit, the discharge rate of the screw machine will be as it fixed, the material of silo will flow into weighing, therefore, it decreases feeding time and it also improves the control precision of the weighing accuracy.

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