Screw Conveyor Scale

Screw Conveyor Scale
Screw Conveyor Scale
Screw feeder weighing machine introduction Screw weighing feeder machine are continuous conveyor and material feeding equipment for powdery, granular, particle and other bulk materials. According to the technological requirement, controlling the flow and flow direction of all conveying material of screw conveyor, to meet the production demand. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry etc.
NO Part name Models Unit quantity Remark
1 Screw conveyor LDC- Set 2  
2 Motor and reducer
BWY Set 2  
3 Scale ICS-301B Set 1  
4 Load cell LGC pcs 1  
5 Speed sensor KLM-200 pcs 1  
6 Instrument ICS-302 pcs 1  
7 Controller cabinet   Set 1  
8 install attachment ZX-FJ Set 1  

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