TDG Dosing Scale Conveyor

TDG Dosing Scale Conveyer
TDG Dosing Scale Conveyer
TDGspeed adjustable quantitative feeding conveyor belt scale is a high-technology product developed by our company, which integrates transmission, measurement and quantitative control together. This product has been awarded the national patent of china, and the patent number is 200620161624.2.Adopting dynamic feeding measurement, computer frequency conversion control, belt automatic tensioning device, off tracking alarm protection and remote/on-site control switches, this product has stable operation performance, high reliability and high measuring accuracy. Series PT speed adjustable quantitative feeding conveyor belt scale is widely used for the compounding and measurement of bulk materials in building materials, metallurgical, chemical, food and other industries. It is the ideal measuring equipment to achieve automatic control and stable product quality.
1. The frame of the conveyor belt scale is made of cold bending C type steel plate, and it has a rational structure and strong intensity.
2. Low noise, less vibration, dust proof, high reliability and a long service life.
3. Annular belt without junction, and users can choose parallel belt, baffle plate or rimmed belt structure.
4. Unique X type leaf spring measuring device to make better linearity and repeatability.
5. Magnetic-sensing speed measuring device and speed measuring electric circuit make accurate and reliable speed measuring signal.
6. Adopting unique belt anti off tracking device and belt automatic tensioning device.
Technical specifications:
Speed-regulating range: 1:10
Mode of speed regulation: Frequency conversion 
Model No. Belt width
Belt speed
Accuracy Motor power
Voltage Weight
TDG-500 500 0.008~0.114 ±1% 0.75 28 220V±15%,50Hz 500
TDG-650 650 0.008~0.139 0.75 40 550
TDG-800 800 0.008~0.139 1.1 60 700
 TDG-1000 1000 0.008~0.139 1.5 85 850
TDG-1200 1200 0.008~0.139 2.2 110 1000

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