Chain Plate Scale

Chain Plate Scale
Chain Plate Scale
Plate Chain Scale
Plate Chain Scale
1. The dynamic accumulation error is less than 1.0%.
2. Compact structure, stable operation and low noise. The unique S shape conveying plate is stamped out of wear resistant steel plate, and the cone baffles of both sides can effectively prevent the spread and leak of materials.
3. The conveying chain wheels have been specially heat treated, which makes the chain wheels high temperature resistant and wear resistant, in addition, there is no deviation phenomenon in the conveying process.
4. Smooth transmission, less vibration and dust proof.
5. The unique weak magnetic gear velocity measurement device and high temperature resistant load sensor make the weighing and measuring signals accurate and stable.

Technical parameters:
 Chain plate width
Feeding size
Static measurement error Dynamic accumulation error Capacity   (t/h) Linear speed  (m/s) Signal of velocity measurement High temperature resistant range
650 ≤60 ≤0.5% ≤1% 1~160 0.0359 40 pulses/r ≤350°c
650 0.0858
650 0.1195
650 0.1464
800 0.1628
1000 0.265
1000 0.3929

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