Chevron Conveyor Belt

Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt
Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Chevron conveyor belt is composed of base belt and chevron. Our chevron profiles vulcanized on the base belts by one time, the advantages are ensuring belt’s long service life and good flexibility. It is suitable for handling materials or bags up to 40°and widely used for mobile crushers and screens, quarries, sandpits, coal and coke transport, fertilizers, grains and so on.

1. Can prevent slipping of materials and improve conveying efficiency
2. Can carry bulk material at angles of 17~18 degrees and bagged material at angles of 30~50 degrees
3. Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return idlers.

Chevron profile includes open V type, closed V type, L type, F type, Y type, A type, H type, etc.
New patterns can be developed for customers accordingly.

Chevron Conveyor Belt Specification

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