SJ Double-Axle Mixer

SJ Double-Axle Mixer
SJ Double-Axle Mixer
     This double shaft mixer is mainly used for various powdery materials, such as clay, shale, cola gangue and fly ash, etc, which can well stir materials. It is the important equipment in brick making production
     This double shaft mixer is composed of shell, screw shaft assembly, drive unit, piping assembly, cover and chain guard, etc. Specific features as follows:
1. As the main support of dual-stage mixer, the shell body is welded with sheet materials and profile steel and assembled with other parts. This shell completely seal up without ash leakage.
2. Screw shaft assembly is key component of this mixer, which is made up of left-and-right rotating screw shaft, bearing block, bearing holder, bearing cap, gear, chain wheel, oil cup and other parts.
3. Piping assembly for adding water is formed by take-over, tie-in and muzzle. With simple structure, the stainless steel muzzle is easy to change and antiseptic. Through handle the manual control valve on the pipe can adjust moisture content of wet ash. 
4. The cover mainly includes left cover, mid-cover, right cover, hole cover and manhole cover. With six manhole covers on two sides of the double shaft mixer, it’s easy for operators to repair and maintain.
Main technical parameters:
Model Capacity (t/h) Blade rotation speed (r/min) Blade diameter (mm) Motor type Motor power(kw)
SJ10 10 37.5 400 Y132S-4 5.5
SJ20 20 47.6 400 U123M-4 7.5
SJ40 40 47.6 500 Y160M-4 11
SJ60 60 47.6 600 Y160L-4 15
SJ80 80 53 600 Y180M-4 18.5
SJ100 100 47.6 700 Y250M-4 37
SJ200 200 47.6 860 Y225M-4 45

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