JGC Weighing Coal Feeder

JGC Weighing Coal Feeder
JGC Weighing Coal Feeder
JGC weighing coal feeder is the main equipment in milling system of thermal power plant. In sealed condition, it can not only convey coal evenly and continuously, but also measure each furnace individually, which is an ideal equipment that can achieve a positive balance coal consumption. JGC weighing coal feeder is also suitable for continuous conveying and measurement of bulk materials in other industry sites. And it can achieve open-loop and closed-loop flow control and network management within the area, according to user requirements
Main technical parameters:
Measuring Accuracy ±0.5% or±0.25%  
Delivery Capacity 1-1000t/h
Conveyer Belt Width 500-1400mm
Center Distance of Entrance and Exit ≥1000mm
Range of Speed Regulation 0.05-0.5m/s
Total Power 1.1-10kw
Output Interface of Instrument RS232/485,Simulate 4-20mA,Soild-state relay pulse output
Alarm Point Alarm points of temperature ,coal Interruption,coal blockage and belt deviation,etc.
Main Interface Interfaces of seal air, clean air, safety barrier wind, and fire water, etc.

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