BLZ Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor

BLZ Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor
BLZ Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor
BLZ Heavy duty chain plate conveyor is designed and improved on the basis of BLQ medium chain plate feeder. We increase rotary parts on both sides of chain plate conveyor in order to convey irregular-shape materials, it takes plate link chain as conveying carrier to achieve conveying material in inclined angle track(0-45°).
It is first choice equipment to convey high temperature material, meanwhile can deliver bulk, massive and granular materials. It is wildly used in building material, metallurgy, mining industries to convey various materials.
Working principle:
There are two chain plates between driving sprocket and bend sprocket,  chain plates connecting one by one, there are two trolley wheels on both side of chain plates, the weight of the material evenly presse on the two wheels, driving device transfer driving force to sprocket, then driving endless chain and chain plates running to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. Comparing with BLQ light duty chain plate conveyor, it is more suitable to conveying material in long distance.
Technical parameter:
specification Speed of main axis (r/min) Running speed (m/min) Conveying capacity (m3/h) Height of side apron board (mm) Pitch distance of conveying chain (mm)
500 1.54 2.77 14 100 320
650 1.54 2.77 20 120 320
800 1.60 3.64 40 120 320
1000 1.68 3.64 56 150 320
1200 2.00 3.85 80-400 150 320
1500 2.00 4.00 100-400 160 320
1800 2.00 4.00 150-600 180 320
2000 2.00 4.00 200-800 200 320

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