DT II Type Fixed Belt Conveyor

DT II Type Fixed Belt Conveyor
DT II Type Fixed Belt Conveyor
DT 2 Type Fixed Belt Conveyor
DT 2 Type Fixed Belt Conveyor
The product is used to transport in mining and cement industry, it is universal, convenient-maintain, simple-manufactured, and interchangeable, which can save a good quantity of construction invest, and accelerate progress; When used on the ground, it only need a small occupation space and reduce the capitalized cost.

Technique Feature
The product adopts the ordinary smooth conveyor belt or the deep-groove carrier roller device, which solve the key technology for transporting raw coal in large obliquity; The Max obliquity is 30° For upward, and 25° For downward, and the moisture content of the raw coal reaches 20%, which has achieved the international advanced level.
1 the starting device adopts the wet soft starting system. It is a satisfactory starting device which can realize the motor start with no-load, and there are many advantages such as high comprehensive performance, low power consumption and so on.
2 the brake device adopts KZP self-cooling disc brake device and the main technique features are as follows:

1 when the control system or dragging system power down suddenly, the dragging motor is over-speed, the conveyor belt slipping, or other parking instructions for protection happens, it ensure to stop smoothly;
2 when starting on-load, it has good start-controlled performance coordinating with the electric control device;
3 coordinating with the electric control device, the parking deceleration of the belt conveyer keeps between 0.1m/s2 and 0.25m/s2;
4 the hydraulic control system adopts double circuit structure with high reliability;
5 the brake device brakes 10 times per hour; The temperature of the brake disc surface is below 150, and there's no sparks;
6 the Max brake moment is adjusted conveniently;

3 the control system adopts BSY-5/127 or KZ W1-660(X) explosion-proof type belt conveyer electric control device. The control cabinet adopts the PLC as the control core with all kinds of special and common protections. The optional console is used by the operator, and has the perfect display function of the fault type, speed, and current.
We cooperate with the Transportation and Control Technique Research Institution of Shandong University of Science and Technology, and we are engaged in the whole and key parts design, the key technological development, and the key device manufacture of the belt conveyer in the coal and cement industry.
We manufacture the large angle belt conveyor, DTII / telescopic / movable type light belt conveyor, and drag chain conveyor, etc.

DTII-type General Fixed Belt Conveyor
DTII-type general fixed belt conveyer is a widely used transport equipment in chemical, coal, metallurgy, building materials, electricity, food, and transportation industry. It applies to transport the bulk materials and its transportation capacity is 0.5-0.25t/m3, and also can transport the packed products.
 Belt width  speed  speed  speed  speed  speed  speed  speed
 500 0.8   1.0  1.25  2.0  3.15 4.0   5.6
 650 0.8  1.0  1.25  2.0      
 800 0.8   1.0  1.25  2.0      
 1000 0.8  1.0  1.25  2.0      
 1400    1.0  1.25 2.0   3.15    
 2000            4.0  
 2400              5.6

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