Corporate Culture

Dear Customer: If you need any help from us, or if you have any suggestions for our service, please do leave your message in this page. We will get back to you soon and your attention is always our greatest fortune.

After-sale Service

1. We always take the customer’s requirements as the starting and end point of our work and we insist on providing our customer with full services from model selection, installation and commissioning of equipment, personnel training and technical support to equipment maintenance and repair.

2. Before signing any contract, we will confirm the customers’ requirements and recommend the most suitable equipment to them in order to save cost for customers as far as possible. We will design and produce products according to the specific requirements of the customers and improve the technology continuously.

3. After the contract was signed, our company will send technicians who have been trained strictly to the customer’s production site for investigation. They will assist the customer to make site planning and design and to carry out construction after the technical department has provided the Foundation Drawing for Installation. After the equipment was delivered to the site, the personnel of our company will provide help during the installation and commissioning until the customer is satisfied.

4. Our company will provide free trainings to the technicians of the customer to make them command the operation, maintenance and simple repairing skills. Once the equipment broke down during production, our company will provide specific solutions within 24 hours after receiving the call from the customer and will try our best to solve the problems as soon as possible based on the attitude of resuming production first and confirming responsibilities second.

Service Promises

The customer’s requirements are driving forces for us to optimize our services continuously. As for customer services, our company makes the following promises:

1. Ensure to provide good pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services for the users. Introduce the performance and operation requirements of the product and provide relevant materials before users placed an order and be a good adviser for them.

2. Provide specific technical trainings according to the conditions of the users; carry out product quality follow-up and regular return visit to key users; optimize the performance of the products timely according to the requirements of the users and improve the quality of products continuously.

3. Provide accessories and easily damaged components for the product with manufacturer’s price.

4. Our company will give preliminary response within 1 hour after receiving the notice from the users which requires use to solve the problems arising during operation of product and our personnel will arrive at the site within 48 hours if major problem arises.